Black Cloak
Event Roomscale VR/Projection

Client: Creacíon Events
Agency: Luxloop(Self)

Role: Creative Direction, Experience Design, Live-Action Direction, Post

Luxloop was approached by Creacíon Events to create a unique installation for a 36-seat pop-up dinner during Art Basel Miami featuring food by Michelin Star chef Vicky Cheng and renowned pastry chef Andrés Lara.

Luxloop designed a dining environment with full-room projection to surround the diners and developed a series of short films inspired by Chef Vicky Chen’s menu, transporting the guests to another world based on the dish for each course. The projections were live cued throughout the dinner and responded in real time to the movements and interactions of the guests, staff, and performers within the space.

The films were created using a combination of studio photography, high-speed video capture, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation to create truly unique and stunning environments.

Working with non-traditional video formats, we knew we’d need to develop new tools to aid in our content creation process. Leading up to the event, we created a custom suite of previsualization tools to test-run our live video mixing workflow off-site and simulate the experience of the diner before we were able to arrive on site, including a VR app that allowed us to preview content at scale, before the space was even built out.

The films were cued, mixed and composited live using Touch Designer, which enabled us to account for and respond to changes in timing, guest and staff movements, as well as the music from a live DJ set. The final result was a seamless visual experience that led guests from one course to another.