TikTok - Fashion Runway Odessy

Client: TikTok
Agency: Giant Spoon
Production Company: DOTDOT

Digital Art & Animation: Superficial
Post-Production: Superficial and Nomad
Livestream: Suite Spot

Role: Co-Director - Live Action
Shot during the pandemic with strict guidelines to keep everyone involved safe, I worked with DOTDOT and Giant Spoon to direct 6 remote shoots featuring TikTok creators across the USA and Jayden Smith to be composited into dreamy digital worlds to celebrate the end of TikTok’s Fashion Month. The segments of the 90-minute in-app live-streamed event featured musical performances and co-designed fashion looks from Alice and Olivia and PUMA.


Due to the client agreements on the project, I can’t post footage, but happy to share some priveately upon request :)